Tara lynn shea rochester ny usa

Tara lynn shea rochester ny usa is on LiarsCheatersUs.com! I hesitated in writing this but i feel like it should be known This “woman is the most deplorable, disguesting, uncaring individual you can ever come across Shes a liar, drunk, drug abuser, and user. Twice convicted of dwisecond time for driving 2x over the legal limit,tried to blame family memberdaily,heavy pot user.. She has no respect for privacy or personel space Shes created multiple fake social profiles to stalk ex boyfriends and there significant otherseven mocked a pregnant woman and her baby.who does that? In my time with her she would go steal my phone and go thru its entire contentsshe went thru personal financial papers and had the gull to tell me what to do when she was on the brink of financial ruin She continued to talk to exes as well as POF as well as spend countless hours on the computer I witness her use and throw away somebody she called a friend This person is,basically the only reason she graduated collrge, would pick her up and take her everyday to school and it was not a short distance,and from my understanding never asked for a thing, and right before she graduates she threw him away like a piece of garbage all because he told her he cared about her more then she wanted Who the h**l does that? Anyone who goes near this woman should stay away

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Posted: February 19, 2018, 12:25 pm