Donna Williamson, Federal Way, Washington

Donna Williamson, Federal Way, Washington is on! Donna Williamson originally met my husband in high school. They met again when she was a high school psychologist at an alternative school where my husband went to work. Come to find out, this w***e and my her husband had a cabin a few miles from our home that they went to on week-ends. It was obvious to ALL our friends that she had a huge crush on my husband. I never really worried about it because she is almost 20 years older than me and my husband SWORE they were just friends and he never thought of her that way. But after YEARS of her throwing her nasty self at him (and this by NO means excuses HIS behavior) he gave in. Its bad enough he cheated, but to do it with someone that I know and that is so old(although she and he are close in age). This w***e doesn’t have the guts to return a text or phone call.. So I called her husband to talk with him about it. Needless to say, he was shocked! Especially when I told him they were doing it in his bed in Federal Way and at the cabin. She also would tell my husband that she loves him and has for a long time and that she sees the two of them together in the end. He says he doesn’t love her,never has and never will. And she was just some to bang when we weren’t right.and that after he left her he always felt sick to his stomached. I would too if I were him, shes a dried up old s****h. As for him, we were separated for almost 4 months and he let me know that he was and is SO VERY SORRY! Hes going to counseling and I have complete access to ALL his accounts, phone, Facebook and e-mail. Complete transparency. So I let him come home with the understanding that there will be NO MORE CHANCES! He has made it clear he wont need one.

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By: Anonymous
Posted: February 18, 2018, 5:39 pm