Michelle De Vandahlcourte

Michelle de Vandahlcourte was sexting my ex boyfriend & sending him nude photos and video clips where she pretended to suck a banana like it was a dìck. She got her hoe red lipstick on it and then pulled it out and commented that: look just like a dipstick you can tell by the lipstick line how deep in it went😉 For record Michelle I know a few things about working on cars & that’s not really what the dipstick is for. Yes technically that would be more like a depth gauge. Anyway the point of the vid was for her to say: now how about you trade places with the banana! At the time this was sent to him, SHE KNEW BOTH OF US AND KNEW HE WAS IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH ME! So there’s no way she can weasel out of it and say she didn’t know, he misled her, or any other excuses.

What turned him OFF to the idea of her was another vid that she didn’t make. My teenage son and his friends were at a park skating and set up a phone to make videos of themselves just goofing around. In the background you can clearly see our neighbors van. It’s a guy that lives across the street from us. He’s also married. So he’s at the park? No big deal right? It’s one of those old 70s type vans and he litrally has a bumper sticker that says if this van’s a rockin don’t come a knockin. When they fast forwarded the video they noticed it was actually rockin. So later on guess what slut cumms stumbling out the back doors? Michelle de Vandahlcourte of course!!! She walks to her own car in thight khaki pants & maybe it’s just shadows but sometimes I swore I can see a huge wet spot in her crotch 😳ewwwwww!! Anyway a few minutes later he appears in the driving side like he climbed in from the back and then drives off.

My ex and I broke up because of his other hoes & many other things, but afterwards he still swears that he never hooked up with vandalcunt. It’s not like he trying to save our relationship anymore so I don’t see any reason to lie. Why admit to his other affairs that were just as bad but not her? So I asked him why didn’t you close the deal with bitch-chelle? He said it was after that “funny” vid that my sons friends took. Once he knew the neighbor had nailed her, he list interest. He says that guy is to f-ing disgusting & anyone that would let him bang her in his van is equally gross🤢

First of all I’m shudder to think how disgusting someone would have to be for my ex boyfriend to consider them disgusting & gross! He himself ain’t exactly good-housekeeping seal material to begin with. But I thank God for small miracles: if he had done her there’s a good chance I’d have some or all of the skanks STDS right now. The dude’s wife across the street was just diagnosed with cervical cancer. I know you can get that from HPV WHICH I FOUND OUT MICHELLE DE VANDAHLCOURTE DEFINITELY HAS. This all happened about a year and 3 months ago so idk if it can turn to cancer that fast. But if it’s not this time it will be some other innocent wife or girlfriend eventually. People need to be warned about this disease infected whore!

Melinda J.

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Posted: February 20, 2018, 9:30 pm