Patricia Stacy St Clair, New York

This Dirty woman slept with my Husband and stated she knew him for 12 years mind you that’s since 2006. Funny cause in 2006 my husband and I were living together and married and we had our children for you to tell me he told you he said he had nephews is a lie he only has a niece ya air head. Then you go and post my husband name on a website and yours on the side on target baby registry is so lame. You could of had that baby and kept in away from my husband and moved on with your life mind you your making s*** worse with my children and the way they feel and me wanting to deflate that big a** nose and Down syndrome look on your face. You telling me it’s a sin to have a abortion but b**** it’s a sin to have a baby with a married man who has no job and lives with his mother ya dummy his mother comes before his kids and I know him and you have a baby with another man who’s 13 biotch get a life and stop trying to get a chick and then having a baby out of wedlock isn’t classy I guess the Bible didn’t teach you that you whoe ????? you like married men ya nasty skunt telling me you didn’t know you knew then you can’t help him find a job since you knew him for so long you should’ve married him ya nasty a** OLD FACE LOOKING THOT WASH YA CAT YOU B*M BIOTCH!!!!!! YOUZZZZZ A WHOE!!!! I hope you didn’t get a STD CAUSE HE TOLD ME HIS D*** WAS HURTING HIM LMAO GLAD I DONT HAVE S*X WITH HIM NO MORE YA DIRTY TRANNY MAN LOOKING BITOCH.

By: unregistered
Posted: February 11, 2018, 10:11 pm