Leslie Lockridge M.D. Oncology Newport Vt.

0ur one N.E.K. community Oncologist Docter Leslie Lockridge M.D. aka: “Les” has been caught dating two woman at the same time with out there knowledge of each other for 3 year’s. One of them has admitted to contracting a sexually transmitted disease HPV. This so called Docter is toxic, degrading to woman as my honest opinion is that he’s a narrsist, enjoys hurting woman when they are at a vurnable point in there life. He takes advantage of them. Example after a loved one is lost, he was there docter. He is a pathological liar, needs to be exposed. As no one knows what sexually transmitted diseases he’s caring around, spreading to multiple woman. Simply disgusting, all woman should be aware he is also listed on womansavers.com.

By: Anonymous
Posted: May 2, 2018, 6:46 pm