Damian A Kaner West Hollywood CA USA

Where to start! Damian A. Kaner is a 45 year old former dominatrix and s*x worker who has sold herself on seekingarrangements.com for a car as beat up as her stretched out p***y. She worked in dungeons in LA as a switch/dominatrix called Nikita where she would sell s*x services off hours. She did a lot of pegging and cuckolding. Damian Kaner identifies as bisexual but this is most likely for attention because she thinks it means men will like her more. They don’t.
Damian Kaner has also sold herself at Orrin Charm and Shahla Charm’s swinging parties in Woodland Hills, CA. She has s*x with multiple men at these parties in the hopes that they will pay for her services in the future. No one ever does though because Damian Kaner is a terrible lay with an enormous wizard sleeve.
Now Damian Kaner is a “comedian” who f***s other people’s men behind their backs to validate herself. Damian Kaner is a pariah on the comedy scene for a reason. Google Damian Kaner for photographic evidence.
Damian Kaner is probably such a f****d up w***e because she takes after her mother. Damian Kaner’s mother never knew who her father was because she let so many men c*m inside of her.

By: Anonymous
Posted: May 1, 2018, 7:44 pm