Re Rob Latini, Australia

Here Just catching up with liz McKellar from one mile ipswich so herring that you have try to organise a hit in me for 10 grand there liz I suggest that you back off have proof of your dealings and also now found out that u have had my address I have gone to seek legal help also police have gone through all of this c**p that you have started for g*d sake liz just grow the h**l up right I was happy before you started all this absolute bs and total fabrication about me listen here sending out ur mates lol to knock on a door at all hours of the night wow childish another thing gonzo ah yes it’s ok for you to defame another person and degrade them but now perhaps I should start on you shall I you are the psyco nut job and narsist as you so beautifully put it oh yes u and I had a phone call last year that you stated that you were going to kill me right funny that your 3 calls to me were recored and another thing next time you talk to ur f** mate f** hag be sure he gets his story right as well because his calls to me were recorded as well so you honestly think I or any one cares that you bought a house lol no one does either and ah yes every single conversation that has gone on. Messenger has been kept you drew into your fantasy filled life a total path of destruction gonzo oh let’s tell the world how you got ur broken nose ha u pushed it ex husband to beat the h**l out of you liz how about the real truth yes and stop blaming others about your sad life eh and who I’ve been with is and always been my concern not yours do you understand me perhaps I should start a hate club about you shall I ah yes there are motion cameras here and I do know who has been here girl do you think that you can get away with your c**p eh you ruined any thing I had in life right and never once have I ever raised or even threaten you got that oh yes another thing I kept on run away from you right not me beg u to be with you got that so how about you stop ur mental revenge cause it ain’t working and who I spend time with is my concern you and your mental issues are and have never once been caused by me ever stop this cause you have notnkng on me NOT A THING right and threats of going to ur uncle are so full of lies so what he’s a ex super at the police force and so what you got the sack from the police eh who cares just get a life you have involved people that I cared about deeply and forced me to do things I did not want to just to make you go away you involved the one person that I was so verry much involved with for your own personal fun and amusement perhaps I should do that to you also you have been involved in going to my place of work 4 times now and I’ve had to leave them because of you right u have not contacted you nor been any where near you so do the same b****r off stop your mental plays with ever one because the only real narcissistic person here is you got that !!!!!

By: Anonymous
Posted: May 1, 2018, 4:08 am