American Consumer Opinion, Arlington, United States

their stupid surveys will not get u any money- they scam you. I had the most horrible experience with American Consumer Opinion in 2011. It was the year that I’d decided to give a start-up idea I’d had for years a try. So things were already a little unstable, money wise. I had quit my day job to try to get funding for my project. You know, there’s a lot of work involved if you’re starting from the bottom up, trying to build a firm.
It’s probably why I fell for the cheap scam that American Consumer Opinion hands out to everyone. Literally everyone. I went online after all the trauma I suffered thanks to them, only to find that dozens of other people had gone through the same shit I had, all thanks to this shithead company. They have no morals, and no considerations. Their only goal is to scam you, and they won’t even put in a lot of effort to get the money they want from you.
For me, it started with a mail I got from them. It said that I was chosen to take a set of 15 questionnaires for them, and that I would be compensated for my troubles. I should have stopped to think then. I should have asked myself, who would go and pay $1,750 for a survey that won’t take me more than a couple of hours? But I didn’t, because I really needed the money. So I guess I just wanted to believe it was real. And that’s what I did, naively. I didn’t even want to do a quick search to see if people had actually made money with American Consumer Opinion doing this. They’d actually included some references in the mail. Looking back, I know now that these bastards are fully capable of making some people up and writing themselves amazing reviews. It still doesn’t excuse how I didn’t check them out before going any further.
I went on to their site, and filled out all the stuff I needed to. Two days after I’d done that, someone names Mark White contacted me from their company, via email. He said they needed an upfront payment of $900 before I could go ahead. They told me this would be reimbursed by them after I had completed their survey. They wanted me to make the transfer via Western Union. I made it right after they asked. I waited a week. I hadn’t even been contacted about taking any surveys. I mailed them in the meanwhile, to see what was going on. No response. I tried to see if I could contact them any other way. Nothing there either. No one ever replied. In the end, after a month of this nonsense, I was forced to accept that these people at American Consumer Opinion were extremely skilled con artist dicks and that I was never going to get any money from them.
If you hear from American Consumer Opinion, do not engage them.

By: admin
Posted: January 30, 2018, 4:38 pm