Genesis Rodriguez, New Mexico, United States

Genesis Rodriguez is a slutty ass who ruins relationships. I have been working with this girl for about 2+ years. She seemed to be very nice, and came across as someone who knew what she wanted in life. Unfortunately she also desires what she cannot have, and has fun snatching it up from people. She loves to chase men who are already in relationship. The worst incident was when she hit on her own friend’s boyfriend. Her friend was in a relationship for over 3 years with this man and they were both always faithful, as much as I could see. She manipulated him into cheating on her friend and his girlfriend and kept telling him that she was a better choice. She was just purely jealous and destroyed a beautiful relationship because of that. She knows that a slut like her will never find a man who will look at her the way this man now looks at his now ex girlfriend. I have only witnessed this one relationship that she ruined but people say she enjoys doing it to people and does it quite often. Be aware of this girl as she might befriend you just to take your man away. Men also need to be careful, unless you are the one who wants to just sneak in her pants as she wants to, in yours. If you are the loyal kind, save yourself and your relationship from this bitch!

By: admin
Posted: January 29, 2018, 10:42 pm