Rayshawn Burns, Michigan, United States

Beware: Rayshawn Burns is the man whore and doesn’t deserve. Rayshawn Burns of Flint, Michigan is a scumbag and cheater. I had an on-again/off-again relationship with him over for almost 2 years. The guy is a serial cheater and cannot keep his dick in his pants. The guy will make it sound like there can’t be a better human than him but the fact is that he is a cheat and he loves BBW.
He was sleeping with two other women, Jodee from Midland, MI and Cynthia from Chicago, when he was dating me they are. The guy loves controlling women and that’s what he did to me. he brainwashed and controlled me through the time I was in a relationship with him. he will lie through his teeth and so if he tells you that he is with is family be assured that he is screwing some woman and using his family as an excuse. He is a man whore and if you ever try to confront him about the other woman he will get all nasty and angry. The scum can’t even confess that he is a cheat that is the sort of dick he is. Ladies, you are better off without him than with this skank.

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By: admin
Posted: January 29, 2018, 2:10 pm