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      Patrick Francis Weissinger

      Patrick F Weissinger Lying, Cheating , Manipulating 47 Year old Narcissist Patrick Weissinger, Patrick F. Weissinger, Patrick Francis Weissinger Cheated on his ( First ) Wife , Denise Naphys now married Denise Naphys Kalogiros. She caught him cheating in a bar and beat him so bad he puked.They...

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        Cymone McConnell ohio

        He like f*****g fat b*****s that look like zoo animals while he married By: AnonymousPosted: February 21, 2018, 5:52 pm

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          Kaleb Craig Nielsen

          Kaleb Craig Nielsen-also goes by KC Currently on probation for solicitation of a prostitute Domestic violence in his background, as well as criminal mischief, Approximately 43 years old Works for Exxon Mobil as a Safety Advisor KC is 6″3 approx 220 to 240 lbs, blue eyes, silver blonde hair,...

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            Francisco “Frankie” Salazar

            Francisco aka Frankie is the most vial human being I’ve met. He lies about everything, including being STD free because he has to get tested to play with his basketball league with the cops. He rents cheap cars because he lives at home with him mom. He tells every girl “I’m a h...

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              Lina Sophia Wall

              Lina Sophia Wall is a 49 year old lying, cheating, narcissistic sociopath! She manipulates others into trusting her, then she betrays them. She is a chronic gossip and a backstabber! Lina is also a hedonist, which is common for sociopaths and psychopaths. She also lacks empathy and remorse, just ...

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                David A. Brown, Corryton/Knoxville, TN, USA

                This is the true story about David A. Brown, husband of promiscuous cheater, Elise Givens-Brown of Knox County, Tennessee. David Brown is an incompetent boss, among other things. He is a sneaky lowlife cuckold who lives in denial and refuses to believe that his wife is a nasty, cheating, piece of...

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                  Homewrecker Juan Rodriguez

                  One Rodriguez sleeps with his coworkers that’s married ruins the family lives after he’s expose he threatens the husband He’s an social worker for Hempstead school district On Long Island to be a social worker for those kids he’s dangerous By: AnonymousPosted: Jan...

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                    Live in brookpark ohio cheated on me with dude in the photo after 12 years and a kid together By: AnonymousPosted: February 21, 2018, 4:21 pm

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                      Joe Baker, LaFollette, Tennessee

                      Otherwise known as Corey Joe Baker, this loser is a creep among creeps. He and his wife, Emily both work at PCI-Knoxville, hoping to take over “if or when” David and Elise Brown ever get fired. Joe is in his mid 30’s and he is from LaFollette, Tennessee. Joe Baker is one sick, c...

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                        Michael Lachance-Payne

                        He promises to marry you then takes your money. He did me for 1year. Never met him at all. So ladies be aware By: AnonymousPosted: February 2, 2018, 5:31 pm

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