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      OptioNow, United Kingdom, tricked but cheated after what OptioNow did to me. I hired someone to help me with technical know-how of things. They turned out to be biggest cheaters you could ever find. I was e...

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        Uptown Business Brokers, Dellas, Texas by. I didn’t receive a call or mail. I called them to check the status. I was left gasping for air after what I heard. These people were cheaters. They’re playing us, ri...

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          Paul George, Houston, Texas

          Paul George, Houston, Texas is on! This man cheated throughout his marriage of 20+ years with various women including a 19 year old. He planned to leave his wife and children high and dry after they finished school to be with an older woman with her own money who’s kids...

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            Tara lynn shea rochester ny usa

            Tara lynn shea rochester ny usa is on! I hesitated in writing this but i feel like it should be known This “woman is the most deplorable, disguesting, uncaring individual you can ever come across Shes a liar, drunk, drug abuser, and user. Twice convicted of dwisecond tim...

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