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      Brittany Gold, Aurora, Missouri

      My husband and I hired Brittany Gold to sell two houses for us. Not only did she sell my houses but she was secretly sleeping with my husband as well. She destroyed everything. We had a large family and served foster kids as well. All destroyed. I deserve my realtor fees back! By: .. ..Posted: De...

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        Victor Parisot, Nancy, France

        Victor Parisot, is a homewrecker and scammer. He took the opportunity to sleep with my wife while we were having problems. He scammed people online with flight tickets charged but never delivered. He started a gofundme account and scammed people out of over $5,000. He is conniving and plays the s...

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          Alexis Gasprian, Irving, Texas

          This woman Alexis Gasprian has ruined as many lives as she could. She has consistently pushed herself into men’s lives regardless of if they have a family, girlfriend, or wife. She plays a game where she constantly puts herself down, so the man can feel sorry for her. Then she breaks up, an...

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            Ed Woodhams, Oklahoma

            I was married for a 1 in a half on thanksgiving day just out of blue he said he wants a deverse come to find out he been cheating. Told me to get out I had no money he is a truck driver for Nativeamercainpridellc out of Oklahoma he on dating sites he from California but live in oklhama his number...

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              Melissa Chaney, Missouri

              This woman is a pathological liar. I was with her for almost 6 months. She has every one in her little town of Wheatland thinking she is perfect and they believe her because she doesn’t date anyone from her area. She always goes at least 40+ miles away to date. She will tell you what you wa...

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                Matt Matich, Port Huron, Michigan

                Do not trust this man he will screw you. He is not a good person to deal with. Make him pay cash for anything he wants. WATCH YOUR BACK By: .. ..Posted: December 18, 2016, 3:15 am

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                  Kate Nordermeer, Australia, Australia

                  Kate cheated on me with some other guy while we were married. I found out due to her leaving clues around such as her fit bit with text. We were married less then a year and she cheated and ruined our marriage. I have heard she blames me for everything, but I bet she doesn’t tell people abo...

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                    Peter Baxter, Melbourne, Australia

                    Be careful of melbourne trucker peter baxter from deer park I met him on eHarmony last November then six months in I gave up everything to move to Melbourne little did I know he was picking up another woman he cheated for six months without telling me he went back and forth between us I fell preg...

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                      Mark Andrews, New Jersey

                      Mark Harry Andrews he’s a women beater and lives in Dunellen nj with his 2 rottis, He had as a daughter named Jessie that he’s totally obsessed with as he is the ex of this child , this child had become extremely physotic after being in his care , if you speak of the ex n this poor ch...

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                        Robbin Yvonne Joiner, Lancaster, Texas

                        I would like to thank this b**** for having an affair with my husband when he worked at Quaker Oats because being with you made him appreciate having a good woman at home. You showed him all the traits in a woman he could never love and give his heart to. You showed him you had no problem having ...

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