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      Matthew Smith – JP Morgan Chase London UK – Sick Freak

      Matthew Smith , analyst at JP Morgan Chase had hoped to use a hidden camera to satisfy his fetish for men urinating. A pervert was spared jail despite hiding a camera in a Starbucks toilet to watch men urinate. Matthew Smith, 37, had hope to use the device to to satisfy his fetish for men urinati...

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        440-444-7210 wanted to buy something from me off craigslist

        Got a text from this number 440-444-7210 saying he wanted to buy an item I was selling on craigslist. I went to where he wanted to meet because he said he was a cop there at the school. When I got to the parking lot he called me and said if I want to make it out of the parking lot alive I need to...

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          Jennifer Rose Emick

          Watch out for this scammer yo! DOX: Name: Jennifer Rose Emick DOB: 11/16/1971 SSN: 221-66-6534 // Courtesy of JoshTheGod of Guy’s an SSN dropping machine. Source: staff Address: 321 GARLAND ST YPSILANT...

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            Locktite ADT Home Security Program is Scam Beware!

            LOCKTITE ADT Home Security Program, made offers of service and got the credit card NUMBER # saying they bill when the pitch man comes to the house for the sell.. email you info on the ADT home security program. THEN THEY CHARGE THE CARD AND NEVER PROVIDE THE SERVICE THIEVES 99.00 DOLLARS AND NOTH...

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              Leslie S. Mersky, CEO Bandcard Empire of Phoenix Arizona Scammer Beware!

              I was a victim of the following scam by Leslie S. Mersky, CEO of Bandcard Empire out of Phoenix Arizona on Jan 29th 2009 as reported on Jun. 8, 2010 03:06 PM in the The Arizona Republic newspaper: A 64-year-old Scottsdale man was indicted on charges of fraud and related crimes Tuesday after a sea...

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                Shenzhen UnionSmoke Technology Co is SCAM BEWARE

                summary of theft Shenzhen Unionsmoke Technology Co., Ltd. Union Smoke (you yuan) company from Dongbao Industry Park, Shajing Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, China Tel: 011 + 86 + 0755 33175625 Email is crystal.unionsmoke(@), MSN ID is crystal(@) // http://www.unionsmok...

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                  Chaz Lee | 440-444-7210 | Big Scam

                  440-444-7210 Cortez Bogan He said his name was Chaz Lee This guy called me and offered me more money if I brought the item to him at key bank on 152 and saint clair. I did and the key bank never heard of him. Then he calls me when I got there and tells me to drop it in the trash can in the front ...

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