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      Eugene Walker, typical Demtard

      You are a fucking moron. Keep sending your tax dollars to the government. They need money so they can buy more of those $600 toilet seats. The government does not create jobs; that falls on private businesses which are being fucking HAMMERED by taxes and regulations imposed on them by Demtards. A...

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        Renter / Buyer | BEWARE!! 123 Windsong Trl, Canton, GA 30114

        Renter / Buyer BEWARE!! on property @ 123 windsong Trl. Run Run As fast as U can, if renting, if buying, property has many serious issues, HOA has had problems with property owner since he purchased. He will NOT!! take care of maintenance. Property is a wreck. has bad rep. with neighbors, former ...

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          Green Hills Lawnmower Company – Lawnmower Fraud

          I wish not to pay for service that did not address the problem that I had articulated at the onset. Lawnmower not repaired. Billed for parts that were not needed. I delivered the mower to the company. I explained that the problem was difficulty in starting the mower engine. I explained that I had...

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            Mozart Moving Company | Poor Service / BUYERS BEWARE

            I called Mozart Moving Company to request an information about self storage unit option. Representative picked up my phone call and the man one who answered my call was outrageously a rude person. Definitely smelled drunk as he even don’t know why he was siting there. He was very short with...

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     is a Scam WebSite!

              i’ve been scammed, this website is a SCAM website. don’t use this website or you will be sorry you did..I had shipped a time/tide clock movement and face to Terry Moore, Clocks, for repair, on 1/8/15. Since then they have not answered my phone messages or emails. I had...

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