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      Prashanth Ganapathy, Seattle, Washington

      Be cautious of this Indian man who lives in Seattle! He is CRAZY!. Prashanth Ganapathy is an Indian man who lives in Seattle. We met via an online dating website and I told him straight on in no-nonsense terms that I was ONLY looking for a long-term committed relationship and had no interest in c...

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        Uptown Business Brokers, Dellas, Texas

        Uptown Business Brokers are Evil and Dark. Such People should be Condemned, Sent to Hell. I was planning for business expansion and looking for the right opportunity. My family was very excited. Talking about excitement, my daughter wanted to be one of first employees of new venture. I was active...

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          Shayla Poling, Ohio, United States

          Shayla Poling is a scumbag and will sleep with others man. Readers, the homewrecker in my life turned out to be my first cousin. I have known Shayla Poling my entire life and have spent my entire childhood with her and lived close to each other until a couple of years back. We used to share ever...

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            Kathy Nguyen, Ohio, United States

            Kathy Nguyen stole my friend’s husband over ‘plenty of fish’. This 27-year old female named Kathy has two children. She is on this dating website called ‘plenty of fish’ where she talks to several men and sleeps with them every now and then. She does not have a husba...

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              WinOptions, London, United Kingdom

     is nothing but a huge scam and you should never invest in them. Here’s something you should know beforehand if you’re thinking of trying your luck with brokerage companies to trade online. Yes, I said ‘luck’ because although it’s a legitimate business ...

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                Dr. Norman J. Lachman, United States,

                Norman Lachman’s license cancelled by medical board. Norman J. Lachman had his license cancelled on the 13th of December 2011 by the Medical Board of California. The Board had places terms of probation on his license back in November 2009. The charges levelled against him were repeated negl...

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                  Al Masah Capital, United Arab Emirates,

                  Al Masah Are Frauds And Cheats Who Lost All My Money. I will personally warn everyone who even thinks of putting a single dollar with Al Al Masah Masah Capital in Dubai because they do not follow through on their promises. I was given a personal senior financial advisor named Mahmood (don’t...

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                    Joshua Hale, Stephenville, texas

                    Joshua Hale — Stephenville, Texas.. This article is written by a woman who is trying to make women aware of the fraudulent guy whose name is Joshua Hale. She found this post on dating psychos and decided to share this piece of information with each and every woman out there so that she can ...

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                      Dr. Michael Brazelton, United States,

                      Denver-area pediatrician, Dr. Michael Brazelton accused of i. LITTLETON, Colo. – A Littleton pediatrician had his medical license suspended on Tuesday, after having faced allegations of illegally touching one of his teenage patients. Dr. Michael Brazelton had been in practice in Colorado f...

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                        Aimee Phillips, Covington, Georgia

                        Aimee Knowles Phillips stole my husband, she just wouldn’t b. Aimee is a homewrecker. She got involved with my husband, rather my second husband. I had already been divorced once and she wanted to ruin my life, again. My husband and I have known each other for over 30 years, both of us went...

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