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      Rebeka prest, Australia,

      Rebeka prest is a sticky woman who pursues multiple men and. Rebeka Prest is an apprentice jockey in Australia. She also goes by the name Bek Prest. At present, she stays at Wagga Wagga. She is an uninhibited bitch who follows men everywhere. She keeps changing her interest and mainly contacts pe...

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        Jeremy bugs Knox, Texas, United States

        Jeremy bugs Knox has knocked every girl in USA. Jeremy is the worst kind on this planet. I dated him for months, but all he ever did was lie to me. I did everything I could to make him happy. He lived in my neighborhood. He is a fucking liar, a cheat and the worst person ever I met. He slept with...

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          For Him Dating, ,

          For Him Dating is nothing more than mail-order-bride – BEWARE!. I’m a 54-year-old guy recovering from a bad divorce. That’s when I came across the website For Him Dating. I was just recovering from the damage that my divorce had done to me that’s when I came across this si...

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            Tessa MacNeil, Florida, United States

            Tessa is a cold hearted homewrecker who broke my marriage. Tessa MacNeil ruined my marrige without giving it a second thought. I’m in the military so I do not get to choose my work timings. Since I was working a lot, my husband and I were having a rough patch in our relationship. I had to p...

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              Amanda Buttenbusch, Pennsylvania, United States

              Amanda Buttenbusch is a cheap slut who pursued my husband de. Amanda Buttenbusch is a manager at colonial electric. She worked with my Husband and started running behind him. She was completely aware of the fact that he was married with two kids. She also knew that I was pregnant with the third c...

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                Sherry spencer, Whitefish, Montana

                Sherry spencer is one of the richest home wreckers we have a. Sherry Spencer is a typical rich bitch that gives no second thought before destroying someone’s home. This woman spends most of the year at her vacation home located in Whitefish, Montana. She stays here alone, away from her husb...

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                  Hema Kathrecha, London, United Kingdom

                  Hema Kathrecha is a fake, high headed female who has wrecked. Hema Kathrecha coming from Belsize Park London made a vulnerable father her bait. He was going to enter a drug rehabilitation facility and was weak on his personal front, that is what she took advantage of. She has undergone a complete...

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                    Ronica Williams, Virginia, United States

                    Ronica Williams is a cheapo you should stay away from. Ronica Williams is one of the most immature stupid girls out there. She is such a whore and I bet you’ll notice soon after you meet her. She stalks people without any shame whatsoever. Every person she’s been in a ‘relations...

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                      Tamara Lee, Colorado, United States

                      Tamara Lee is a 67 year old grandmother who stips on Webcam. Tamara is a 67-year old grandmother, who strips on the webcame. That is pretty shocking as I have never heard of a ‘grandmother’ doing something of this sort in order to earn some extra cash. This lady from Denver, Colorado...

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                        Rose L Herron, Dallas, Texas

                        Rose L. Herron is a selfish bitch, realtor, who wrecked a ma. Rose L Herron, who works as a realtor in Texas, is a whore who sleeps around with married men. She has no morals or ethics whatsoever. The guy she currently snatched is Darrell, who foolishly left his wife and three kids because she ma...

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