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      Ron Gardner, United States,

      Ron Gardner is a pathetic cheat who fucks girls behind your back. This man and I have been in a committed relationship for five years. I loved him so much and did so much for him in those five years. Yes I did have some faults but I was 110% dedicated to him. He was everything I had always dreame...

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        AMCLinks, lehi, Utah

        AMCLinks: Fraud in the name of superior appraisal services. It was around July 2015, I received a call from this ever-pleasing and customer-oriented sales guy. He somehow convinced me that AMC Links – the appraisal management company is a genius in performing the appraisals for our new hous...

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          Abby Goodman, California, United States

          Abby Goodman from Long Beach from California. Abby Goodman from Long Beach from California started to sleep with my husband. My husband’s age is 22 years. This lady used to be my husband’s subordinated in the department of Information Technology at Molina Healthcare in Long Beach, Cal...

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            Dawn Mehaffie, Kissimmee, Florida

            Meet a new homewrecker from Kissimmee, Florida – Dawn Mehaffie!. My fiancé and I were recently going through some problems and this whore was friends with him during that time. Out of nowhere, she started sending sexy pictures of herself to him and texts that said that she would call...

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              Gavion Muir, Toronto, Canada

              A convicted criminal charged with possession of drugs and selling of weapons. Gavion Muir is as criminal as they come. Gavion Muir is a Jamaican who lives in Toronto Brampton Canada and is nothing but an uneducated labor class dolt. He works a labor job as a security guard and besides being a cri...

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                Dr. Albert Cowie, United States,

                Dr. Albert Cowie accused for writing false prescriptions for. Dr. Albert, an Amherst radiologist, admitted to writing fraudulent painkiller prescriptions. He is known for his expertise in radiology. He is also a recovering drug addict who can be imprisoned for three years. Cowie, 37, who graduat...

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                  Loan Consultants INC, Los Angeles, California

                  Don’t train with the Loan Consultants, Inc. – they’re complete unprofessionals. The first thing we do when we are trying to learn any kind of course is to see if that person or institution is accredited or not. This ensures us that we are receiving training from a genuine place....

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                    Charline Shiroma, United States,

                    Don’t think you’ll get anything but shit from Charline Shiro. Charline Shiroma is a horrible, horrible human being. She sucks men and can get them to do anything for her. She doesn’t care about anything or anyone. All that she cares about is herself and she will do anything to g...

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                      Olive Marie, United States,

                      Olive Marie is a wreck! She doesn’t know whom to be with. This woman is a fraud, and so is her ex-boyfriend. Olive has this habit of having men play against each other, and she pretends to be the angel in the middle. So she broke up with this ex-boyfriend of hers and is already dating some ...

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                        Iris Slevin, Austin, texas

                        Iris Slevin is a liar and a cheater – stay away from her!. Iris’s marriage ended because she cheated on her husband Brad during their marriage. Her infidelity was the sole reason for the end of her marriage. She then met someone else and swore that she would never cheat on him with a...

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